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About Us

Cortesia Herbal Products is committed to Reverence for Life and Health. For over 30 years, our organic herbal remedies (using the historic and globally esteemed medicinal herb, Solomon’s Seal), magnesium sprays, and flower essences have been praised worldwide. Quite simply, our compassionate goal has been to provide the same highest quality remedy that we would lovingly give to family or friend.

Our business ethic is founded upon uncompromised therapeutic quality and potency of products, accurate health education, customer service, and philanthropy. We encourage you to learn more about the diverse talents and interests within our small family-owned business — that would be a pleasant way to create reciprocal trust and friendship between us. Blessings of Health and Peace!


SOLOMON'S SEAL: The Amazing Herb for Wellness Support*

Solomon’s Seal  (Polygonatum biflorum, multiflorum, odoratum, siberian genus) is an invaluable herb with a worldwide history of use dating back thousands of years in Asia, Europe, and North America. The root of the plant appears to have restorative properties that address certain health disharmonies.

Used as a tincture, salve, topical spray, or tea, we invite you to learn more about this wonderful herb.

MAGNESIUM: The Master Mineral

Suffer from an injury, disease, illness, stress, sleeplessness, or other symptoms? YOU, like an estimated 80% of people, may benefit from magnesium replenishment. This “Master Mineral” is a catalyst for many body functions. It is invaluable for health support.*

Learn about the benefits of Transdermal Magnesium.

FLOWER ESSENCES: Natural Elements for a Self-Care Routine

Plant-derived tinctures are well-known for their effects on the physical level. However, the derived essence captured from plant flowers (flower essence) can be used as a lovely part of self-care.

Learn about Cortesia Flower Essences and availability.

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