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SOLOMON'S SEAL: Revered for Body Fitness

Solomon’s Seal  (Polygonatum biflorum, multiflorum, odoratum, siberian genus) is an invaluable herb with a worldwide history of use dating back thousands of years in Asia, Europe, and North America. The root (rhizome) of the plant has restorative properties that address certain health disharmonies. It is especially supportive of muscular-skeletal, respiratory, and feminine health.

Used as a tincture, salve, topical spray, or tea, we invite you to learn more about this wonderful herb, and why we have infused it into all of our remedies. For decades, our own family has used Solomon’s Seal regularly as part of our fitness efforts. You can trust us as herbalists with over 40 years of experience, and who have helped thousands of people worldwide discover the potential healing effects of Solomon’s Seal!

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MAGNESIUM: Master Mineral for Health & Healing

Cortesia Magnesium Spray

Suffer from an injury, disease, illness, stress, sleeplessness, or other symptoms? YOU, like an estimated 80% of people, may benefit from magnesium replenishment. This “Master Mineral” is a catalyst for many body functions. It is invaluable for health support.*

We believe strongly that a topically applied Magnesium spray should be part of daily wellness. Magnesium is a perfect complement to our remedies, especially when used with our Deep Penetrating Salve. This is why we include a bottle in our Health Kits. Learn about the benefits of Transdermal Magnesium.

FLOWER ESSENCES: Supporting Mind & Spirit

Loving Myself Flower Essence

Plant-derived tinctures are well-known for their effects on the physical level. However, the derived essence captured from plant flowers (flower essence) can be used as a lovely part of self-care. It can support one’s mental state and hopeful spirit. We have been creating flower essences for over 40 years, with quite a line-up of formulated essences that do the bodymindspirit well.

Learn about Cortesia Flower Essences and availability.

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