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Solomon’s Seal Tea: Health Benefits and Preparation

We all know the soulful comfort of an herbal tea, especially when temperatures quickly drop. The esteemed gentle herb Solomon’s Seal makes a wonderful teaRead More »
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The Herb, Solomon’s Seal : 7 Health Benefits

The common woodland plant, Solomon’s Seal, has provided health benefits to users worldwide for thousands of years. Gardeners typically enjoy the many varieties available asRead More »
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Breathe Better — Feel Better

When was the last time you noticed your breath — I mean consciously laid all other thoughts aside and simply felt the sensation of yourRead More »
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Drink Water When Using Herbal Remedies: 5 Reasons Why!

It has been said that the last thing a fish discovers is water. This may be the case with people, too. For example, it hasRead More »
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Reverence for Health: 4 Qualities Needed for Healthcare & Self-care

This is one of the most health challenging times in modern history. Healthcare systems and practitioners face dire circumstances in delivery of care to scoresRead More »
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In Isolation: 7 Meaningful Things About Life I Appreciate More!

If there’s one thing I love, it is a challenge. The unprecedented health challenge we all have faced is this: how do millions of peopleRead More »
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7 Ways to Make Your Home a Sanctuary During Stay-in-Place

Because of current global health crises related to COVID-19, people worldwide are rediscovering how to make their home a sanctuary — a safe haven whileRead More »
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COVID-19: 10 Tips to Overcome Lockdown Anxiety & Boredom

Lockdown Anxiety, because of pandemic COVID-19, is upon us. In fact, all across Italy, the cry is Iorestoacasa! — “I stay at home”; in theRead More »
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Solomon’s Seal Remedy: Do You Trust Your Internet Purchase?

“Do you trust the Solomon’s Seal herbal remedy you purchase from an Internet retailer?” It is a question worth asking in this day of exaggeratedRead More »

Four Qualities of a Good Herbal Salve

We can all vouch for the benefits of a good herbal salve for skin health and minor injuries. We might even have a favorite salveRead More »

Exercise Supports Muscle and Nerves — Here’s Why

Do you know why exercise and movement is so important for muscle and nerve health? My doctor, who is also a long distance runner, askedRead More »
If Exercise were a pill, we'd all be taking it.

If Exercise Were a Pill, We’d all be Taking It.

Are you one of those people who, whenever you feel like exercising, just lie down until the feeling goes away? In truth, if exercise wereRead More »
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Discount Assistance Program — Cortesia Herbal Products

Cortesia Herbal Products is excited to introduce our 20% Discount Assistance Program as a way to help those with special needs. Military veterans, people onRead More »

Make a Healthy Smoothie — 5 Tips from a Pro

Blended smoothies are healthy nutrient-rich drinks that can serve as both meals and snacks. Commercially bottled smoothies, however, can be calorie and sugar bombs thatRead More »
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7 Daily Happiness Questions (When Injured or Sick)

The need for daily happiness is consistently at the top of most people’s desires. However, illness, injury, loss, catastrophe, and chronic low-grade stress can easilyRead More »
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Gardening with Reverence: 7 Guiding Principles

Gardening with reverence is about stewarding the beauty and therapeutic qualities of Mother Nature. It is conscientious earth stewardship that honors nature and strives toRead More »
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Earth Day: How to Create a Sanctuary Garden

Earth Day is a perfect time to create a Sanctuary Garden. With reverent thought and devotion, you can create a haven that gives you respiteRead More »
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New to Herbal Remedies?: 6 Common Questions Answered

Are you new to using herbal remedies? You are not alone. Today I want to talk about using herbal remedies as part of a greaterRead More »
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Flower Essence of the Month: Loving Myself

Just in time for Valentines Day, this month’s featured Cortesia Flower Essence blend is “Loving Myself,” one of my all time favorite blends. So manyRead More »
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This Week’s Flower Essence: Patience

Our flower essence of the week is the Patience blend. It seems especially appropriate as we launch into a new year and endeavor, perhaps, toRead More »
12 Ways to Speed Your Healing Post-Surgery

12 Ways to Speed Your Healing Post-Surgery

Healing post-surgery can seem daunting and as I myself currently navigate the process, my hope is to impart some important lessons I have learned toRead More »
Weekly Promotions Personal Power Flower Essence Feature

This Week’s Flower Essence: Personal Power

As mentioned last week, we will be featuring a new Flower Essence every week and passing along savings to you. This week it's Personal PowerRead More »
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Mindful Self-Care : Part 1

Mindful self-care is more important than ever in an increasingly chaotic world and fast-paced society. It seems like there is always something to do, anotherRead More »
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How to Prepare Solomon’s Seal Tea

Drink Solomon’s Seal tea and nourish Life.With the first sip, Joy; with the second sip, Satisfaction;with the third sip, Peace; with the fourth, a Danish.WelcomeRead More »
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Welcome to our new blog!

We are thrilled to find you here on our beautiful new blog! In the shifting beauty of fall colors to frosty winter, we are remindedRead More »