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Welcome to our new blog!

We are thrilled to find you here on our beautiful new blog!

In the shifting beauty of fall colors to frosty winter, we are reminded at Cortesia Herbal Products of the energy of letting go. The shifting views of culture and healthcare have encouraged us, too, to embrace transformation as a business. As a result, we are excited to share with both new and loyal customers our new approaches to offering the best information and customer service. Here are the changes afoot:

  • The website is shiny and new!: We have totally redesigned our website ( to offer quickly accessible information and remedies.
  • This brand new blog:  Look for new articles and inspiration for self-love and wellness.
  • A new Instagram account:  Tune in regularly for those spontaneous health suggestions, and to simply beautify your day.
  • A YouTube channel:  Watch how-to videos created specifically for use of our products, and to inspire further wellness.
  • Facebook:  We will continue to post and share a wide range of subjects that support optimal health.
Cortesia Herbal Products flower essence with flower and crystal

New Pricing & Product Selection

The price of raw herbs has skyrocketed in recent years. Organic Solomon’s Seal root alone has quintupled in price! Therefore, we have had to raise prices nominally for the first time in 7 years! Don’t worry—we will have regular sales!

We also have had to make some product changes!

  • The Solomon’s Seal grind available in our Pouch is no longer a cost-effective item. It is discontinued (look for articles and tips, however, to create your Solomon’s Seal tea from our tincture!)
  • FDA regulations have caused us to rename some products.
  • We have discontinued the 1 oz size of our Health Kits (only for Formulas 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 , and 7). Most customers purchase the 2 oz size of our popular kits, anyway!

New U.S. Shipping Rates

Shipping costs are a huge issue for small businesses, and we are no different! We strive hard to create fairness in shipping costs and efficiency of delivery. Our new rates are simple and actually save you money (especially for multiple items).

  • U.S. orders under $100:  $7.00 Flat Rate
  • U.S. orders over $100:  FREE!

If optimal health is a priority life, we hope this blog is a regular stop in your busy life. We look forward to sharing information that will inspire your self-care routine, commitment to herbal living, and sense of community.

Nicole Rohrer

Nicole, our marketing strategist and content developer, is a Pacific Northwest native. She is often trail running, photographing nature and people, dancing, reading, making DIY body care projects, digging in her garden, or savoring time with her family. She is a published content writer and enjoys all things health and wellness related.

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