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Discount Assistance Program — Cortesia Herbal Products

Cortesia Herbal Products is excited to introduce our 20% Discount Assistance Program as a way to help those with special needs. Military veterans, people on long-term disability, and those on low-income assistance (like SNAP) can use this discount program to purchase our herbal remedies. The 20% discount can also be used by immediate family members within the same household.

Let’s face it: the cost of healthcare can create financial stress. As health professionals with decades of experience, we are especially sensitive to the increased costs of medicines, remedies, and treatments. Just in the past few years alone, for example, we have seen the cost of our herbal ingredients and shipping increase by up to five-fold.

Our new 20% Discount Assistance Program has been created to help those who especially need assistance with the costs of our remedies.

Those who lack charity of the heart suffer from the worst form of heart disease.
Bob Hope

As a small family-owned business, we believe it is important to treat others like family, too. Commerce cannot be solely founded upon a profit margin, and selling something to somebody. Any business should embrace an ethic of philanthropy — a charitable heart helping someone or a cause so as to improve life, health, and overall wellness.

Many years ago, our family embraced a commitment to philanthropy. Our non-profit organization at the time, the Garden Stewards Project, created hundreds of free raised-bed gardens for residents in Lane County, Oregon. For many years, we have also donated thousands of copies of our best-selling gardening guides, Home Composting Made Easy (over 2 million in print!) and Grow Your Own Food Made Easy, to numerous organizations and families.

Shelter, food and health are critical needs for those in need of assistance. It makes all the sense in the world to share our bounty with others! Accordingly, we are very dedicated to community shelter and food security. Annually, we donate a percentage of sales to local causes that support these efforts.

Finally, it is important to think globally as to how one can help others in need. For example, we have annually supported the ongoing education of Cambodian girls who otherwise would have little opportunity in their impoverished village. It has been a heartfelt delight to witness a young woman’s empowerment through continued education over many years!

So, when you purchase products from Cortesia Herbal Products, remember that part of each dollar spent is being actively used to help others, including yourself! Moreover, remember that you are supporting a professionally dedicated and experienced small family-run business. This has allowed us over many years to really get to know our customers well, and to treat them dearly — like family and friend.


While we can’t give health advice of any kind, we sure do know a lot about herbs and are happy to speak with you at any time about their properties and proper usage.

Blessings of Health.

Forrest McDowell

C. Forrest McDowell, PhD provides his 50 years of expertise in wellness care and advocacy to Cortesia Herbal Products. He is responsible for the white paper Blog articles, posts promoting practical health strategies, maintenance of accurate website information, and more. An accomplished performing guitarist and composer, author, and passionate outdoorsman, he has dedicated himself to natural wellness and the cultivation of quality organic products.

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