Solomon’s Seal Health Kit | 2oz


We have combined four oral and topical remedies into a KIT that makes it easier to engage in an optimally restorative protocol. This kit provides enough product for 30-45+ days — a critical “healing window” of time for body assimilation and to determine benefits.

What you get:
Solomon’s Seal Tincture – 2oz
Acute & Chronic Injury Salve -2oz
Quick Relief Spray
Magnesium Spray Optimal

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Our Solomon’s Seal Health Kit is one of our favorite things!

Many people don’t realize that herbal remedies often work best when taken orally and topically together. Our 1-2-3 Method supports the  application of a topical spray and/or salve, taking an oral tincture, and following key support strategies like increased water intake, moist heat, and dietary changes.


  • Assures deepest restorative benefits by combining a TOPICAL with an ORAL remedy
  • Each KIT is assembled for a balanced, sustained intervention of certain conditions using the 1-2-3 Method
  • Contains enough product for a 30-45 day regular application (a critical “healing window” of time)
  • Helps you follow a healing protocol
  • Heck, it saves you a few bucks buying the group!

What you get:
Solomon’s Seal Tincture | 2oz
Deep Penetrating Salve | 2oz
Quick Relief Spray
Magnesium Spray Optimal


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