Solomon’s Seal Health Kit | 2oz


We have combined four oral and topical remedies into a KIT that makes it easier to engage in an optimally restorative protocol. This kit provides enough product for 30-45+ days — a critical “healing window” of time for body assimilation and to determine benefits.

What you get:
Solomon’s Seal Tincture – 2oz
Acute & Chronic Injury Salve -2oz
Quick Relief Spray
Magnesium Spray Optimal


Our Solomon’s Seal Health Kit is one of our favorite things!

Many people don’t realize that herbal remedies often work best when taken orally and topically together. Our 1-2-3 Method supports the  application of a topical spray and/or salve, taking an oral tincture, and following key support strategies like increased water intake, moist heat, and dietary changes.


  • Assures deepest restorative benefits by combining a TOPICAL with an ORAL remedy
  • Each KIT is assembled for a balanced, sustained intervention of certain conditions using the 1-2-3 Method
  • Contains enough product for a 30-45 day regular application (a critical “healing window” of time)
  • Helps you follow a healing protocol
  • Heck, it saves you a few bucks buying the group!

What you get:
Solomon’s Seal Tincture | 2oz
Deep Penetrating Salve | 2oz
Quick Relief Spray
Magnesium Spray Optimal


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