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Support Wellness

Customers have found that the following 7 Cortesia Flower Essences especially support healing and restorative processes.

  • Chronic Stress & Trauma
  • Calm in Crisis
  • Embracing Change
  • Loving Myself
  • Letting Go
  • Personal Power
  • Positive Thinking

We have over 45 flower essence blends. Get detailed information for each one in the Guide.

Selection tips

Cortesia Flower Essences are blends of the essences of 5-7 different flowers. They are not concentrated stock solutions.

Cortesia Flower Essences are in 1oz (30ml) dosage bottles and should not be further diluted or rebottled (unless drops are used in a glass of water). Drink them in your glass of water or in your favorite tea!

A detailed description of the affirmative qualities of each flower of a blend is noted on the label.

Use our comprehensive Flower Essence Guide to learn more!

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