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Cortesia Transdermal Magnesium Sprays Are Unique

  • Chamomile or rosewater water base
  • Sulfur-rich MSM for joint support*
  • Much less irritating to skin
  • Essential oils for extra nourishment and aromatic bliss (not in Lite and Regular)

All our Health Kits include a Magnesium Spray!

may help in your quest to improve health.

It is estimated that over 80% of people are Magnesium deficient. Non-organic food sources simply do not contain enough Magnesium for daily requirements. It is necessary you consult a medical doctor about any health issues you experience but the symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency are:

• Numbness & tingling
• Muscle contractions, cramps, restlessness
• Fatigue, listlessness, ennui, weakness• Abnormal heart rhythms,
coronary spasms, seizures
• Diminished or loss of appetite
• Depression, brain fog, extreme mood shifts
• Headaches, migraines
• Nausea, GI upsetness, vomiting
• Personality changes (withdrawn, moody, quiet)
• Attention deficit
• More . . .

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