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Solomon's Seal is our passion.

We are the trusted source

Over 15 years ago we were the original source of Solomon’s Seal remedies on the Internet. This restorative herb is infused in all our remedies.

Our family integrates health into every aspect of living including our business.

So, when you purchase one of our remedies, remember that decades of expertise and experience from personal use has been reverently bottled for your own benefit. Blessings of Health!

Why a Health kit?

  • A topical herbal salve or spray gives quick “targeted relief” through the skin.
  • An oral tincture more slowly activates to move through the body.
  • Both a topical and oral application may allow for optimal health restoration.

Our Health Kits contains four topical and oral remedies — enough for a critical 30-45 days it often takes to mend. Supports the 1-2-3 Method of application.

what a kit includes

  • Tincture of choice – 2oz
  • Deep Penetrating Salve – 2oz
  • Quick Relief Spray
  • Magnesium Spray 

All-In-One Support (Formula #6) — Our Bestseller!

All-in-One Support

All-In-One Support Health Kit

Includes both topical & oral remedies for all-round effectiveness

Powerhouse Health Kit

Powerhouse Kit ($126): Two All-In-One tincture (Formula #6), Deep Penetrating Salve (2oz), two ProActive Magnesium Sprays, PLUS FREE Quick Relief Spray. Enough remedies for 45-60 days.

Formula #6 is a potent formulation of six restorative herbs that work very well together: Solomon’s Seal, Gravel Root, Pleurisy Root, Boneset, Mullein, and Horsetail. These herbs can also be found in our Formulas #1, #2, and #3.

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