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A good topical spray, lotion or herbal organic salve is a treasure in the medicine cabinet. We’ve been making restorative topical remedies for decades at Cortesia Herbal Products using Solomon’s Seal Root, with thousands of very satisfied customers.

Our all-organic salves are praised for their support of skin health, and for their deep penetrating and absorbent qualities.

Dear Customers: Our Deep Penetrating Salve used to be called Acute & Chronic Injury Salve. Still the same powerful salve. Enjoy!

Cortesia Deep Penetrating Salve


NOTE: Formerly called Acute & Chronic Injury Salve (as seen on YouTube videos)

A salve that both penetrates dermal layers and is absorbed at deep tissue levels — these are qualities that make this salve a customer favorite.

Our Deep Penetrating Salve is formulated with organic olive oil and beeswax to aid as carriers of these organic herbs: Solomon’s Seal, Calendula, Comfrey, Mullein, Horsetail, Arnica, St. John’s Wort. These herbs are special because of their well-documented and historical use for muscular-skeletal injuries or issues.

Because of its targeted relief, this salve may be effective for muscular-skeletal discomfort associated with sprains, muscle strain, joint flexibility, buffering fluids, and others. When applied and rubbed in well, it can both penetrate and be properly absorbed at deep tissue levels.

Sizes: 1oz or 2oz glass jar; special 3-pack of 2oz jar

Cortesia Healing Salve


Need an all-purpose salve for the typical minor scrapes with life? Over 30 years of thousands of happy users tells us this salve is most definitely a worthy addition to the first-aid kit.

Our Cortesia Healing Salve (with its unique blend of organic herbs: Solomon’s Seal, Comfrey, Oregon Grape, Lemon Balm, Plantain, Usnea, Calendula, Chickweed, Prunella, St. John’s Wort, and Yarrow) is an example of a great all-purpose, first aid salve that penetrates and works fast for minor skin issues or injuries. It is perfect for a gardener’s hands, baby’s butt, a razor nick, or just for moisturizing!

An absolute must for the medicine cabinet or first aid kit. Click image to read more.

Sizes: 1oz, 2oz, 2oz-3pack

Cortesia Quick Relief Spray


Our all-organic herbal spray is formulated with over 7 powerful herbs (most of which are also in our Deep Penetrating salve) for deep penetration and quick support. This is not your typical over-the-counter spray! It can give quick relief to tired or strained muscles, tissues, joints — general activities of daily living.

This “liquid salve in a bottle” supports short-term relief throughout the day. Use independently or combined with a salve, tincture, and/or a topical Magnesium spray (as in our Health Kits). It sprays on cool, and then warms up for deep penetration when rubbed well.

Ingredients include: Organic Witch Hazel base, Solomon’s Seal, Comfrey, Calendula, St. John’s Wort, Rosemary, Arnica, Horsetail, Cayenne, Menthol