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This Week’s Flower Essence: Personal Power

As mentioned last week, we will be featuring a new Flower Essence every week and passing along savings to you. This week it’s Personal Power and we welcome you to our quest in the most loving form of power possible.

We each need to cultivate personal power to be able to function well in this crazy world. When we step into this form of power, we are better able to call up the energy, vitality, and courage with which to manifest our short and long-term goals, as well as stamina to get through all the various challenges that we face on a daily basis. Another aspect of personal power is a level of spiritual receptivity and insight that lifts us above selfishness and makes us sensitive not only to our own needs but the needs of others. Through this attunement, we can more readily access a kind of passion, joy, and magnetism that also enlists others’ cooperation.

We hope our Personal Power blend will inspire you and/or someone you know.

It’s now on sale for $9.00 (25% off) with code: personalpower2019

It includes the essences of the following organic flowers:

  • Borage
  • Coral Bells
  • Crocosmia
  • Dahlia
  • Lavender
  • Yarrow


“I use my personal power to accomplish worthy things for the good of myself, others, and this world.”


Select a small item as a “power object” – perhaps a smooth stone or other touchstone –which you can place in your pocket, purse, or car. Use the above affirmation (or one of your own) whenever you touch it. Over time, you may develop an association with your touchstone that subtly enhances your personal power.

Personal power flower essence woman doing yoga on mountain

Tricia Clark-McDowell

Trica is the co-founder and herbalist for Cortesia Herbal Products. For over 40 years, she has been a passionate gardener and herbalist. Her knowledge and expertise is the genius behind our selection of herbs, remedies, and products based around the restorative benefits of Solomon’s Seal. Add to this Tricia’s deep inner sensitivity to flowers that allow the creation of blended Cortesia Flower Essences. Tricia is also a traveler, photographer and artist who loves to capture the simple life of people and cultures on very personal terms, including their gardens.

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