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The information presented on our Website,, and in articles is intended for educational purposes only. The advice and experiences offered are for informational purposes. We do not make any claims for "cures," though many people do use herbs for the maintenance of good health. See your Health care practitioner when suffering from a serious or chronic illness. Self-diagnosis and treatment, which is your moral right, should be done with an eye of discernment.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease, illness or distressing conditions. Individual results may vary. It is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider and/or to fully educate yourself as to the benefits and possible complications of any alternative form of treatment.


Much of what is known about herbal interventions is based upon historical use and anecdotal comments and observations from use. Medicine today is primarily focusing on an efficacy-based model, meaning proof by scientific, controlled research. The intent is to ensure safety of use for the consumer. The consequence, however, is that much about the folk-based use of plants, including their preparations by well-intended and informed herbalists, is under question. Similarly, efficacy-based medicine places little value on testimonial response. This is why the FDA does not permit testimonies by users on websites — personal observations may wrongly influence or give hope to others.


To be honest, much of what is known about plants is about drawing a reference to how known components can affect the body. In other words, a plant (like Solomon's Seal) is, in truth, only theorized to be capable of affecting the body in certain ways by examining its phytochemical make-up.


This is why we provide information analyzing the restorative qualities of Solomon's Seal. Other plants may also have some of these same phytochemical properties that affect the body in the same way. Both scientific research and real-time observation of plant components and effects is necessary to create a body of knowledge and information by which to draw conclusions that people may follow.


In summary, by visiting our website and reading its educational material, AND by using any products offered on our website, you are acknowledging the fact that plant-based remedies, although very safe when properly prepared and formulated, do not generally have strong-based science to support claims of use, other than historical and anecdotal observation. The FDA and other regulatory agencies, including international ones, are especially vigilant about the claims made for herbal remedies, whether they are true or not. To that point, we have attempted to be as straightforward as possible with the information provided on our website, information sheets, and articles about the herbs described and potential benefits.